Chemistry Experiments

On this page, we have a list of our favorite chemistry experiments! But first what is chemistry? Chemistry is the study of substances and their properties, structure and how they interact with other substances. By substance, we anything and everything made up of atoms including elements, molecules and compounds.

Chemistry can be used to explain all sorts of chemical reactions such as exciting explosions and fire. We can also explain much more mundane reactions such how dish soap cleans greasy dishes.

If you are ready to learn more about the wondrous world of chemical interactions and properties pick out of the experiments below!



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Top Chemistry Experiments

Baking soda and vinegar

This is one of those classical chemistry experiments that everyone should do at least once. If your looking for the perfect experiment to introduce your children to chemistry this is it! There is much to be learned from this exciting experiment.

Dry ice experiments

I love dry ice experiments. Dry ice introduces a phenomenon that we don’t usually see in our everyday life, sublimation! This experiment definitely ignites the spark of curiosity in any little budding scientist.

Mentos and diet coke

This is a classic experiment which was quite popular on the internet at one point. If you’ve seen it, but don’t know how it works then check out this page and find out!

Hot ice

Hot Ice is a beautiful chemistry experiment which is not only extremely entertaining and interactive but also educational.

Lemon battery

How can a lemon be turned into a battery? That’s a great question check out this page to find out!

Rubber egg

In this experiment, we use chemistry to remove the shell of an egg leaving us with an egg without a shell. If you’ve never held an egg without a shell your missing out, why not give it a try and learn some chemistry along the way.

Anthocyanin pH indicator

Make your own indicator solution and test different household items to see whether they are acidic or basic.

Silly putty

Making silly putty is a fun activity and an excellent opportunity to learn about polymers.

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