Physics Experiments

This page has a list of our favorite physics experiments. Physics is the branch of science that encompasses the study of the properties and nature of matter and energy.  What I think is so beautiful about physic is that it explains many of the things that we develop an intuitive understanding of from an early age.

Most people intuitively understand that it is more painful catching a pitch thrown by a professional baseball pitcher than catching one thrown by a child. Of course, we intuitively understand that the professional can throw the ball much harder, so it is travelling much faster and this speed translates to more force felt by the catcher.

By choosing to learn more about physics, you are embarking on an exciting journey of understanding more about the world around you. Physics can be used to explain the behavior of rockets, the nature of laser light, the color of the sky and so much more.

Get started learning about physics. Pick one of the experiments below and give it a go!

Top Physics Experiments

Water rocket

Rockets demonstrate some fundamental physics principles. We know from newtons third law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and this experiment will demonstrate that in a fun way.

Pinhole camera

Learn about light and how we can make a camera without a lens.

Why is the sky blue

Why is the sky blue is a question I think every curious child will ask at some point? This experiment will help you answer that question.


Water cycle experiments

This experiment helps to solidify an understanding of the water cycle. The experiment is easy to do and only requires every day hold items.

Putt-putt boat

This experiment is a fun and memorable way to learn about some exciting physics concepts.


This simple electromagnet experiment illustrates a fundamental aspect of physics. The relationship between magnetism and electricity is made clear in this experiment.

Egg in a bottle

It's easy to forget that every day we have the weight out all the air above us pressing down. This experiment will show you what this pressure can do if we create a vacuum.

Convection currents

With this experiment, you will gain an understanding of the relationship between density and temperature. If you light a match in a microgravity environment what happens? This experiment will give you an insight into this question.


In this fun experiment, we will learn about non-Newtonian fluids are how they react to sudden impacts.

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