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Our motto at Easy Science Experiments is:

Experiments are essential to knowledge, if you don’t try you will never know for sure.

On this site you will find cool science experiments accompanied by explanations and insights that will help you gain a deep understanding of the science behind the magic. My two personal favourite experiments are the oobleck and the baking soda and vinegar experiments. Why don’t you try them out and see what you think?

Our Top Gift Ideas for Young Scientists

We are born as scientists we learn to walk by experimenting with balance and coordination. We learn to talk by experimenting with different sounds.

Imagination is more important than knowledge...
--Albert Einstein--

There are so many things around us that most people use every day, but they don’t even understand how they function. There are many things that science has not answered yet, but knowing what we do know will help us discover what we don’t. Who knows you may be next to
Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton in the history books one day.

You are probably familiar with the saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”, but in today’s world that is not always true. Knowledge is power and it always has been. Governments guard their knowledge and their technologies to maintain power. Companies guard their knowledge in order to have an edge on competitors.


Recently I watched a video that was warning me about a dangerous substance called dihydrogen monoxide a.k.a. water. All the information in this article was true, but it was very biased in the way information was stated making water seem very dangerous. It turned out to be a joke, but it did illustrate a point.

Science gives the ability to question, to think independently and not take something at face value. The ability to research, the ability to question, and the ability to experiment is mankind’s most important tool in shaping the future. 

50 years ago the knowledge we possess now would have been unimaginable. What we use today in our everyday life would only have been a distant dream. Science is the foundation of our complex technological world today. Technology is advancing at a colossal rate, but yet most people would be at a loss to explain how their smart phone even works or their microwave heats food. Science experiments today were ground breaking experiments yesterday.

Science is not set in stone it is ever growing and adding to the foundation of knowledge on which it is based.

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Scientific knowledge is nearly always good to have whether it’s helping you to understand the world or calculating the best dimensions for your paper plane. Easy-Science-Experiments.com is full of scientific knowledge and easy science experiments that give you an enhanced understanding of the universe around us.

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