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The following science websites have been hand-picked because there were deemed as interesting or informative science resources. These sites were brought to my attention because they offered to do a link exchange, but they held my attention with their content. 

I believe knowledge is something we should never seeking, you’re never to informed to learn.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?
-- Albert Einstein --


Education - Finding the best private high school for your child, or just deciding between public schools vs private schools can be a daunting task.

IQ and Science - Science is a discipline which not only emphasises knowledge but how we go about discovering and then ultimately using that knowledge. According to the NYtimes the average IQ of someone with a Ph.D is 132+ which is a score which borders on genius. An IQ test a.k.a. intelligence quotation measures a person’s ability to understand concepts, recognize patterns and solve problems. These qualities become more pronounced the higher someone’s IQ. Incidentally Nobel Prize winners have an average IQ of 158+ which puts them above the 1 percentile genius level. Find out more about IQ at


Learn about electronics with free tutorials by an electronics technician.

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